Azienda Agricola Boccapane

Boccapane is a little jewel of a biological winery located in Ruino, a charming village on the OltrepoPavese’s hills, an area well renowned for its generous wine production.

Boccapane lands stretch over three neighbouring commons, each different for vocation and tradition, defined by their unique territory: Rovescala’s rich soil is famous for its reds, Bonarda and Barbera; Canevino is known for certain reds, for its lively whites and bubbly Spumante bases; hilly Ruino, being 500 mts above sea level, is perfect for the Riesling and Moscato varieties.


Terroir is the French term used to define the geographical factors that determine the uniqueness of a specific wine in a specific territory, where the type of soil is the predominant element that will characterize both the grape and the wine.

Thus we, at Boccapane, have worked, within our vineyards, to maintain a healthy terrain, caring for and restoring a balanced eco system.


A so-called natural wine is simply the result of pressing the grapes, adding or taking away nothing in the process. And a natural, biological wine is at its best if it represents its terroir, and happens only with low yield vines.
Quality, rather than quantity.

I nostri vini


Intense, purple red in colour with deep violet hews. Persistent to the olfaction, with decisive notes of sour black and marasca cherries and evident tannins. Yet very mellow, well balanced and structured. Perfect pairing: With succulent boiled meats, mixed grills and barbecues, with roasts and red meat stews, with delicate game dishes. Vines: Croatina (50%) …


A ruby red wine, with purple reflections. A fine intense aroma, vinous with fruity cadences of marasca cherries and raspberries. Genial to the palate, with a clear long finish. Perfect pairing: With typical Oltrepò Pavese salami and cured meats, with red and pork meats, with bagna cauda. Vines: Croatina (100%) Alcohol: 13% vol The territory: …


A refined wine, packaged with an elegant, streamlined bottle of lt 0.375, obtained with withered Malvasia grapes from Candia, characterized by a delicate golden yellow color and an intense, persistent scent of candied fruit and honey. To be sipped and savored. Perfect pairing: Served cold, ideal with important desserts, spoon desserts and seasoned cheeses. Vines: …